Personal and business coach, SEO and digital marketing specialist - Steve Eilertsen

Steve Eilertsen – Own what’s yours.

In your business, in your family, in your personal life – If you don’t own it someone else will. Focus and boundaries have never been more important.

In your business your online marketing and SEO must dominate for its chosen keywords.

In your family your leadership must be deliberate, providing safety and security.

In your personal life your head and your heart must belong to you – its not a democracy in there.

Steve Eilertsen provides strategies for your business, family and personal life. He is not for the faint-hearted or the small thinker but his strategies work in creating bigger people, better parents and more successful businesses.

Cutting Edge thoughts for today’s world . . .


Brand building – Hogwash

Brand building – Hogwash

Brand building - Hogwash. No-one will dispute the top 100 brands - huge worldwide organizations, but for the rest of us, brand-building is smoke and mirrors. For companies, it is an attempt to avoid personal ownership and for agencies it is an opportunity to use big...

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