“The only disability is a bad attitude”. John Meyer.

bad attitude

The only disability is a kak attitude – John Meyer

You know if your business is a quality outfit. If your suppliers, your clients, your service, your deliverables and your internal expertise are Quality – you will just know without the help of business coach or a complicated spreadsheet. Some things are self evident but when we fall short of our own internal standards we cover it up with a bad attitude.

Unfortunately being called to defend our vulnerabilities takes energy because no deception is more taxing than self deception. In fact the energy needed to maintain our poor business practice is more than what is needed to fix the problem. This is because a shaky business is inefficient by nature.

This is one of the awesome things about being a business coach i.e. business owners who take on a coach have come realize that improvement is needed. The best way to do this by by . . .

  1. Being honest.
  2. Finding an external person who can fast track the transition from poor quality to good quality.