In Greek mythology, the Nereids were benign nymphs. They accompanied Poseidon, the god of the sea. Belief in them gave ancient sailors the edge they needed when facing perilous conditions.

What you believe will shape everything in your personal and business life. The confidence that you inspire in others will stem from your belief system that you unconsciously project.  Your vision, passion and drive are the muscles around the skeleton of your belief framework.

Without belief you are just a living organism being swept along by the surging tide. Developing a belief system is critical to being a successful father, husband and business leader. It takes resources, time and energy but the investment is needed for your success and credibility.

Distraction will disrupt your efforts to define what you believe in but your happiness and success depend on it. We are like trees. The branches, leaves and fruit are the parts that people admire but they are dependent of the deep roots of belief hidden below the surface.

Vanessa Hollander and Wilson Philippe of Wiissa Photography are the owners of the photo used above. They are featured winners of the 20Under20 Flickr award 2014.