Sameness, Standardization and Uniformity . . . . The results of the Industrial Revolution, urbanization and the modern corporate giant – an insidious and toxic legacy.


The skating man in a suit (1937) – is this a statement of extreme individuality or conformity? To me it does not matter – he is stylish, passionate and EXTRAORDINARY.

Herein lies one of the greatest personal challenges of our time i.e. the correct mix of individuality and corporate uniformity. The balance between internal self motivation and external benchmarks of corporate expectation; where do I as a person end and where does me the resource begin? For me this discussion does not end well because the debate is wrong. In a modern complex society is about being ordinary or being extraordinary.

I suggest you decide to be extraordinary – nothing less. Be extraordinary in your individuality or be extraordinary in your uniformity (or a combination of the two in different areas). Execute your extraordinary qualities with style and passion. Within each person are tunnels of potential and creativity – explore each tunnel to its logical and comfortable terminal point. Leave no tunnel unexplored and find those natural internal boundaries that defines you as a unique individual. As you push down each avenue you will harvest a reward of growth and personal satisfaction.

None of this is possible unless you take time to reflect on the status quo in your life. The world wants to drown out those quiet internal voices of prompt and navigation; you however must be deliberate. Make time and make space. Identify these tunnels, write them down, reflect on them. Note that timing however is important – everything has a season and everything has a natural and comfortable place in the evolving story of your life.  When the season is ready make the decision to be extraordinary and you will find the interface between your personal needs and the needs of the corporate structures around you.