To live a successful and fulfilled life you must find your own voice. Forget the formula’s and the strategies. Forget the get-rich-schemes of the American main platform motivational speaker. Be honest and be real. It is better to be a quality you than a fake somebody else – find and actively mine “honesty” out of your conscientiousness.

Find your own voice

I trained this French photo-journalist to ride her motorcycle off road. Here is an inspiring woman who found her own voice in Africa – and continues to do so despite the risks. RESPECT

Find your own voice.

We tend to look outside of ourselves for the benchmarks of success. We look at the lives of those that we perceive to be more successful than ourselves. We look at their car, their watch, their clothes and their shoes. We watch as their beautiful children are dropped at some posh private school with their lunchboxes filled with croissants and sushi. That is their life, not yours. Your life is something infinitely more valuable because it belongs to you.

This is why I love this rendition of Hotel California – sung in English but with a Spanish accent. It’s about finding your own voice and following it to its logical conclusion.