Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen’s is one of the finest songs ever written according to LA Reid, X Factor judge. It also seems to lend itself to re-interpretation. It’s the kind of song that allows you to,  “Find your own voice . . . . ”

dan patlansky blues guitarist south africa. Find your own voice

Dan Patlansky. One of South Africa’s finest blues guitarists. A musician who has his own voice and performs with honesty and passion.

Dan Patlansky is a great example of South African musical talent. Their is an honesty about his work that I enjoy.

Find your own voice.

As a business coach I come across a lot of business people who consider themselves entrepreneurs. They fall into two categories . . . .

First category: Those high energy individuals who flow from one personal project to another. Each project is linked to its predecessor – it’s a logical extension of what went before – it capitalizes on previous traction and existing networks.  Their passion is overwhelming and it is impossible to resist their gospel. You get swept along in a river that flows in one definite direction. There is energy in itself, it’s honest and it comes from within the person. Somehow what they are doing relates to everything they have done before – its just better, bigger and more exciting.

Second category: These are entrepreneurs who fly from one fad to another chasing something outside of themselves. They chase ‘the next big thing’ because it promises growth, success and fortune. For them it’s about being at the right place at the right time. Its a “Pick me, Pick me” mentality. They feel that catching the next wave will bring success – and it may. In my book however it is not sustainable because it is not honest. There is no internal vision and passion. One year they are selling beds, then they are selling diets, then they are selling exercise programs . . . . They parade their facade of bottled enthusiasm and “market-speak” but ultimately they are not speaking in their own voice. It is learned, it belongs to someone else and it is not sustainable.

Dan Patlansky’s rendition of Cohen’s classic below is a great reminder to us all . . . . “Find your own voice” – to tap into what comes naturally and to follow it to it’s comfortable and logical conclusion – in our businesses and in our personal lives.