“Don’t let people pull you into their storm. Pull them into your peace.” – Kimberley Jones.

Shoji Kimura

People feel safe and content with you if you take control of your own inner sanctuary – Photo by Shoji Kimura

We are more than flesh and blood  . . . . we are a circle of protection and sanctuary in our family and in our business. Our personage projects a sense of power and influence. It surrounds us all the time but it is not an “aura” because it can be present even when we are absent. You feel it in another person’s home even if they are not there – it can feel good or it can make you feel uncomfortable. So why am I posting this?

We have to take ownership of our inner sanctuary because people can sense it – your spouse, your children, even your work colleagues. Our inner sanctuary of influence can motivate, assure, affirm, comfort and lead. It can make people feel safe or it can be the reason people avoid you because of the chaotic storm that you project. This is a decision we make both for ourselves and for others. We have to find, control and master our own inner sanctuary for the benefit of the people we love and the people who look to us for leadership, protection and influence. If we neglect to feed our inner sanctuary our circle of influence shrinks leaving us unhappy and others unsure and doubtful – the latter being bad for relationships.

For those that choose to walk with God it is even more poignant. The presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives is a place of power and spiritual authority which we can choose to ignore or enforce. If we enforce it in our own inner sanctuary we project that authority and are able to create a safe place both for ourselves and for others. This is good for us and our families; it is also a pillar of business leadership.

Taking control of our inner sanctuary is a journey and a lifestyle – contact me for more.

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