Live Easy . . . . its a matter of rhythm. The Vikings crossed the Atlantic around 1000 AD by listening to the rhythmic beating of a drum.

Live Easy

As Ella Fitzgerald sang, “Old man trouble, I don’t mind him . . . cause I got rhythm . . . “. (Ella Fitzgerald shown here with Marilyn Monroe.)

In all things there is an ebb and flow, a cycle, a rhythm, a cadence . . . You can live with it or you can live against it – you can live easy or you can live hard. You can fight your circumstances, your life, the economy, your spouse, the stock market or you can work with it.

Live Easy – its a matter of rhythm

Living Easy is not the same as “going with the flow”. Going with the flow is following the masses without thought or individuality. You CAN sail into the wind and you can row against the current if you became aware. You have to listen and find the natural ebb and flow in your surrounding circumstances. We say that waves crash onto the beach but for every drop that arrives one drop leaves unseen.

Living Easy is about finding an effortless elegant solution that flows without noise or anger.

Guys – this is not ‘chick stuff’. This is not esoteric, New Age baloney. You do it when you play cricket, when you fly fish, when you motocross, when you ski even when you play golf. It’s about ‘finding the line’ or ‘exploiting the gap’. We should be doing it all the time. It’s like seduction – you cannot force it; its takes time, its about listening, awareness and sensitivity. Even the words ‘exploitation’ and ‘opportunity’ belie awareness, listening and timing; finding that effortless rhythm needed to Live Easy.

So how do we start? We have to reject the noise and chaos around us. We have to become dissatisfied with our situation and begin to look for a better way; a way that does not use so much energy. To do this we have to cultivate the skills of listening, self awareness and situational awareness. Its about drawing the prey towards you, not chasing it for miles.

This applies to our business and personal life. Listen, be patient, plan strategically, be ready to strike when the time comes – Live Easy.