making peace with your father

The father son connection – critical for your own happiness

The past 150 years has seen a failure of men to be good fathers. This is not a masculine flaw but has been due to the unfolding of the ‘modern’ era including such things as the industrial revolution, colonialism, the Victorian age, materialism and a host of devastating wars. This has resulted in generations of estranged relations between fathers and sons.

Here is the bottom line – in the words of  Dr Brain Blem who counseled me in this regard, “making peace with your father” is critical for you to become a whole man yourself.

Dead or alive, absent or present, benign or dictatorial . . . whether they deserve it or not.  You can argue, you can rant, you can avoid or sulk but until the relationship with your father is restored / healed you will struggle with your own stuff. Their may be valid reasons why this challenge is difficult or even ‘impossible’ but I did it. Josh shown in the picture here was denied access to my father for the first 5 years of his life.

If this seems an impossible task for you contact me* . . . there are always solutions  . . .  believe me I have walked this road.

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