Our lives are a story - cindy crawford emma summerton fashion shoot.

Fugitive on the run.

“Fugitive on the Run” – A fashion shoot featuring Cindy Crawford.

Our lives are a story.

The chaos around us is a distraction to keep us from the real reason we are here – our lives are a story; it is the one thing we will leave behind, it is the spinal column of our legacy.

Nothing is static; every chapter evolves out of the actions and decisions of the ones before it. For this reason we all need short, medium and long term plans; these are the critical building blocks leading toward evolution and success.

What will your story be? Is your legacy going to be a foundation on which your family, friends and business colleagues can build or will it be a boggy swamp offering no permanence or stability? You are the only author of your life.

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Model: Cindy Crawford
Photographer: Emma Summerton