Reading ease

Complex language usage is not a measure of intellectualism. You will loose business unless your website is written for the average 10 year old.

Reading is a human right. Reading is no longer elitism . . . .

I test drove a new vehicle yesterday and marveled at the ergonomics; everything just a finger-inch away. Seamlessly I drove adjusting the sound system and making phone calls without taking my eyes off the road.

In the same way authors must generate websites with ergonomics in mind; reading ease is critical when writing for a modern generation-Y audience.  Attention-bankrupt people read at the speed of light Рand if they cannot, they wont read your material Рinstead they will move to another website that shows more respect for their time.

Reading ease is a science and has been defined by many, the most well known being the work of J. Peter Kinaid and the resulting  Flesch-Kinaid reading ease scale.

Anyone, writing for the Internet must make a study of reading ease. Today with a time-bankrupt audience we write using the language of a 10 year old and if you don’t you will loose business.

If you want to know more about reading ease and its implementation on your website contact us.