About Steve Eilertsen

I am a passionate person and the Eilertsen family are a passionate family. We disrupt the flow of things and see things in a new way.

I love what I do. Here are some examples . .

Home Schooling, Python and Raspberry Pi

First we cover the Core Curriculum required by mainstream education. Then the fun begins.  Using new resources like pocket sized computers we can control objects and the environment. These skills are both exciting for children and are in high demand worldwide.


We do family council which allows us to write our own legacy. Here is a link to how you do can re-write your family culture using the family council system


My oldest website since 1999 which gets thousands of hits per month without an update in years. The information is good and has been translated in dozens of languages as a service to the motorcycling community. Motorcycling website Flames On My Tank

Grey Gap

I did the Grey Gap thing for two years and therefore met extra-ordinary people and did extra-ordinary things. This allowed me to made money and rode my motorcycle 7 days a week.