A winning strategy for 2016 – easy to think about, difficult for some to do.

photographer Margarita Kareva

Fantasy photographer Margarita Kareva ** exploring the interface between fact and fantasy. She goes beyond the five senses and communicates with the people we are.

Strategy for 2016 . . . .

For the last 150 years we have been driven by the “cold hard facts” as defined by the traditional five senses – now however we have grown up. We know that we are not limited to just these fiveĀ  – we have an infinite number of senses and all of them can be used to extend our reach and build our brand.

2016 – It is time to surprise and delight. It is time to do the unexpected. It is time to take the road less travelled. It is time to juxtapose and to use paradox. It is time to blur the lines between fact and fantasy. It is time for the left brainers and the right brainers to find the middle ground.

How does one take these paradigm-shifting-strategies for 2016 and apply them to the everyday world of moving products and services? It’s in the small things – big shifts are best seen in the microcosm. Recently I watched a teenager sitting down to lunch with his mom. When the drinks arrived, without prompting, he poured her drink. This small gesture tells us of the great change that has already taken place in this boy’s life i.e. he had already moved from boyhood to manhood. The woman sitting opposite him was no longer “just his mom”. The paradox of the child servicing the parent was delightful to see.

Another example: The suburb of Douglasdale has a Seattle Coffee Co at a service station in the middle of the suburb. It’s the place I call in at all hours of the night to get coffee for the drive home. Last week I was offered 2 free apples – “Help yourself, complimentary for the way home!” Wow. My reaction,surprise and delight at this unexpected gesture; now this marketing offer cannot be defined by the five senses.

As business owners exploring the world beyond the obvious can become an exciting way to build both our brand, reach and reputation.

** Photographer Margarita Kareva is comfortable in the realm of everyday fantasy – she has a winning strategy for 2016.