Our lives are the road less travelled, the long way round; Shoji Kimura suggests that the “beauty of inconvenience” offers usĀ  enrichment, satisfaction and success in life and suggests we enjoy the journey . . . .

Success in life

Shoji Kimura is a Japanese photographer whose work I really admire (see footnote below). In the digital age he shoots film and tells us to enjoy the beauty of inconvenience as a life and business strategy.

Your life is going to meander around hills and travel through deep valleys; your business and personal life will not use the most efficient path between two points. There will be opposition, setbacks, the unexpected, the uninvited – very little will go exactly as planned. No amount of gadgets, strategies or quick fixes is going to turn your life into a viral video.

Malcolm Gladwell in his book Outliers gives us the 10000 hours rule for success in life; all outrageous success comes with 10000 hours of practice – a meandering long way round with few, if any, exceptions.

This is a sobering thought – our quick-fix gadgets and 21-day programs are no match for the tsunami of real life. We cannot fight life, circumstance, the economic cycle or our own DNA – it is just too exhausting and ultimately futile.

Ctrl – Alt – Del.

Success in life

It’s time to approach life differently. If life is going to take us the long way round we need to turn it into a road trip; efficiency must take a backseat to enrichment, enjoyment and beautiful multi-coloured patterns of complexity. We must learn to use the unlikely threads, colours and materials that life throws at us – they are no setbacks, only opportunities. Realistically when you use a setback as an opportunity efficiency is not possible – the materials resist our efforts and convenience is not on offer.

When we begin to approach our business and personal life in this manner a lot changes. We built deep foundations and enjoy the satisfaction of a job well done. Peace of mind is an automatic byproduct because we know we have built with permanence in mind and not the convenience of a portable canvas sunshade.

Shoji Kimura: Visit his Flickr account here.

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