The Core Curriculum – some background

A better way at Hartbeespoort Dam

We moved to The Coves looking for a better way. “We”, includes myself, my wife Carole and our 11 year old son Joshua. Johannesburg had been good to us but even good can be improved.

I had spent 20 years in education; primary, secondary, tertiary; government and private with much success. My 3 years at the Centre for Highly Gifted Pupils was a definate highlight. Teaching Maths and Computers I opened Techology Centres at Sandown High School, St David’s Marist Inanda and Boston City Campus.

By 2003 I could see that education was in trouble. We responded by opening our own Internet-based business. Then Joshua arrived and the gauntlet of mainstream education had to be faced once again.

From private education to home schooling

With the three “R’s” under our belt (reading, writing and arithmetic) we set out to define Joshua’s education. We threw out everything and started again. Like Bilbo Baggins in Smaug’s lair we started our search for value and quality. Modern gems like Python, Raspberry Pi, Mathematica and wide-angle literacy caught our attention. We then added classic gems like logic, literature, rhetoric and philosophy. In my opinion, education within the context of a loving and holy Creator was also mission critical. Lastly that most marvellous of all disciplines i.e. Common Sense.

Mastering of a common Core Curriculum.

Home-schooling has to remain compatible with mainstream education. So presently our focus with Joshua is compatibility i.e. a healthy Core Curriculum that is common to all education systems worldwide. So we invite other 9 to 12 year old learners to join our weekly 90 minute sessions offering a montage of English, Maths, Science, Biology, Geography, Technology and History.

What does a 90 minute session look like?

  1. All seven subjects are covered in each session..
  2. Essential content in all seven subjects is evaluated and drilled using various fun-filled activities.
  3. There is a 20 minute break in the middle of the session.
  4. Each weekly session builds and compliments the previous week’s content

For more details email Steve.eilertsen @ Gmail . com