The end of men. Hanna Rosin

“Older men in particular are slower to adapt to the new digital world – Re-tooling is a process that is achievable and necessary for survival in today’s business world” – Steve Eilertsen.

Being in the digital marketing business since 2003 we are on the cusp of new business development. Brand building is what we do.  We see the future of local business before it happens.

In this time I have found business women to be agile, hard-working, intuitive, creative and assertive. By contrast I found the business men to be flat-footed, passive, demotivated, unproductive and trapped in a paradigm they don’t understand (yes, generalization accepted but has been my experience)

As a business coach I spend a lot of my time interpreting the “new digital world” to men, women, employers and employees alike . As the co-owner of a vibrant family business I face the same challenges that my coaching students do.

Re-Tooling is the key. Men in particular need to re-tool their skills, their mindset and their interface with the emerging digital business world of tomorrow. The theme of Hanna Rosin‘s book is chilling and sadly I predict will be read mainly by women.

As a business owner myself I can help in the Re-Tooling process  – see details the Contact me page

BOOK – The End of Men.

In a job market that favours people skills and intelligence, women’s adaptability and flexibility makes them better suited to the modern world.

In The End of Men, Hanna Rosin reveals how this has come to pass and explains its implications for marriage, sex, children, work, families and society. Exposing old assumptions and drawing on examples from across the globe, Rosin shows us how we must all adapt to a radically new way of working and living.

Hanna Rosin‘s The End of Men is an explosive new argument for why women are winning the battle of the sexes and why men are no longer top dog. Men have been the dominant sex since, well the dawn of mankind. But this is no longer true. Women are no longer catching up with men. By almost every measure, they are out-performing them.

Women in Britain hold half the jobs. Women own over 40 per cent of China’s private businesses. 75 per cent of couples in fertility clinics are requesting girls, not boy. Women will outnumber men in the UK medical profession by 2017. In 1970, women in the US contributed to 2-6 per cent of the family income. Now it is 42.2 per cent. This is an astonishing time.

“One of the year’s most sparred over books”   – (The Times).