Tradition is glue; it binds people together into a safe and predictable place. It gives continuity and reminds us that we are on a journey together – that we are not isolated but are part of a group and that we matter. These powerful messages are critical to our well being. They bind families and networks together.

Pentatonix. Traditions.

We have got ourselves in a retail spiral of the “newest technology” and the “next big trend”. That’s fine but don’t loose sight of traditions.

I remember Bermisters in Germiston in the late 1960’s – at that time they rented out movies to a regular clientele. They had a wind up monkey that flipped a metal pancake in a flying pan. It took pride of place on the counter over the Christmas period. As children the reappearance of pancake monkey was like a metronome in our lives marking off the years as we grew older. It reminded us of last Christmas and assured us that next Christmas would arrive as usual.

As business leaders and heads of families we have to weave a fabric of tradition in everything. This is good for families and good for business.

During December we play Christmas Carols in our home and are always on the hunt for new albums that honour the Christmas tradition. This year the album is from Pentatonix (often abbreviated as PTX). They are an American a cappella group of five vocalists originating from Arlington, Texas. Their rendition of “Mary did you know” off their new Christmas album is completely awesome and will become part of the Eilertsen family tradition of Christmas.